Alex, Josh and Steve of Knife Point Gear

At KNIFE POINT GEAR our aim is to help educate, entertain, and inspire the outdoor community,  especially the knife community.


We are God fearing, family loving, hard working individuals and we are passionate about a few things, like forging knives, producing YouTube videos, sharpening stuff, and delivering top quality products to the market.  Founded by Alex, Joshua, and Steve Garland, two brothers and their father, in 2019, the company actually was birthed out of a need for a better strop. For more of the story on how our strops came to be click here

Alex - The obsessive artist, saw the need and has the skill and the know how to craft our products, and spends most of his time in the shop.


Joshua - the people person and techy, mainly handles the website and business side of things along with customer relations.  


Steve - the creative father, gives input when needed and also gets to do the super boring stuff like taxes.