Veg Tan Leather - Specially conditioned hand selected Vegetable Tanned 8-9oz leather.  3/4" MDF base. Measures approximately 10" x 2"


Rough vs. Smooth -

If you are going to be using a sharpening compound, we would recommend you to get the strop with the rough side of leather exposed.  In our experience the rough side of the leather is much more effective for use with sharpening compound. 


We carry strops with the smooth side of the leather exposed mainly for those who consider themselves "strop geeks" who like bare leather stropping and want to have it all.  


Factory Seconds - We aren't perfect.  Sometimes we drop things, sometimes the leather is just fine other than being aesthetically flawed.  Rather than throw these strops out, we are offering them at a discount to those who don't mind a slight flaw here and there (don't worry, they are still perfectly functional, they just aren't up to our visual quality standards).  Choose "seconds" in the drop down menu to get 25% off.  


"*Due to leather being a natural material and our manufacturing process, the appearance and strop size may vary slightly.

Veg Tan Leather Strop

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  • The first thing you’ll notice when you open the bag holding your strop is the smell of fresh sawdust, but you won’t find any. You’ll slide it out of the bag and feel the weight of it in your hand as your fingers easily grip the sides, thanks to the grooves in the base. You’ll see smooth, clean, even leather. That’s because we carefully hand select only the highest quality leather. Look closer and you’ll see the leather is well fused onto the balanced MDF base. No peeling edges or corners! Place your new strop on the table, and you’ll notice that both the bottom and top are perfectly flat. Run your hand along the leather and feel the consistency thanks to our special leather conditioning process, which allows our leather to evenly accept our Diamond Sharpening Compound. 

    At Knife Point Gear we put our heart into whatever we do. We believe in going above and beyond and doing things the right way, the first time. This is especially true when it comes to manufacturing our strops. Our elaborate 16-step process ensures each and every strop we produce is of the utmost quality and truly a labor of love. When properly used and maintained our strops loaded with a small touch of our Diamond Sharpening Compound will keep your tools sharp for many years to come. 


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