Meet the worlds lightest backpacking saw.  We've pushed the boundaries on what's physically possible by engineering our saw from advanced Carbon Fiber technology that nearly allows this baby to defy gravity.  Weighing in at a barely noticeable 3.95oz*, and taking up an extremely small footprint, you won't even know it's there - until you need it to perform.  And perform it will.  The standard Diablo Carbide Tipped Stainless Steel blade will keep you cutting through the toughest wood on the planet with ease.  If for any reason you do need to replace the blade though, don't worry, it will accept many 9" or 12" reciprocating saw blades.  Dyneema blade tensioning device to deliver tons of capability without complexity.   

World's Lightest Backpacking Saw

  • Please allow 1 - 2 week lead time on saw orders. 

  • - Weight 3.95oz with blade guard for 12" carbide tipped blade.

    - 10" / 25.4cm Carbon fiber handle.

    - Stainless Steel blade insert accepts reciprocating saw pruning blades (sawzall blades), requires pliers to change blades.

    - Dyneema tensioning cord allows for quick break down for compact carry. 

    - Requires a stick for tensioning (see video)

    *NOTE* This saw is designed to be the lightest, fastest takedown saw available.  It is an ultralight piece of gear and requires some skill to use properly.  Please see video before purchasing.  

    *Must be 18 or older to purchase.

    By purchasing you are agreeing to the followng terms:

    I certify that I am 18 years or older and am abiding by all state and local laws. // Shot Tower Productions LLC will not be held liable for any use, or misuse, either lawful or otherwise.  Item is not a toy and is extremely sharp.  Caution is advised.